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Fitness Partners

The Riekes Center for Human Enhancement (Menlo Park)

The Riekes Center's Athletic Fitness Department featuresleading edge training methods and equipment, including Riekes method of Safe,Effective, Efficient Training™. The coaching staff is certified in strength andconditioning, agility and speed training. All A4A clients receive special rateson "verified" athletic testing and group training classes.

Phone: (650) 364–2509


FUTURES ACADEMY - Welcome to a Better Way to Learn

At Futures Academy, we don’t look like a traditional school, and we don’t teach like one either. We’ve created a better way for many students to learn. We set ourselves apart with our proven learning philosophy, EMPOWER, which develops habits and mindsets that empower students to write their own future.  Students, at all levels, find their strengths and excel in highly personalized settings blending one-to-one instruction and small group classes. Here, every student is known, belongs, and succeeds. You might know us by our former name Halstrom Academy


We updated our name to better align with our innovative approach. Come see School Reimagined. Grades 6-12.

T.R.E. Performance

Our mission at T.R.E. Performance is to help athletes to become better on and off the court. By getting to know about my athletes I can understand how to get the most out of them every session that we work together. I will create a positive and hard-working environment where people can feel comfortable and safe. The athlete will be able to take away something with them after every workout or session; Even the littlest take away can ensure that he or she improved that day. By players continuously working through tough training scenarios the athletes to begin to build confidence and a sense of pride within themselves. We hope to instill other skills that can help with performance and everyday life such as mindset training and strength/conditioning. Our programs have seen tremendous success when looking at gains in performance, so I am confident if the athletes come with a positive ready to work attitude the athlete will see improvement in his or her game. Along with the athletes working their tails off, it is my job to lead and to bring an immense amount energy and passion every day. This is to ensure the activities we are doing are at the pace and level that it should be.

During sessions, there will be constant communication to make instructions clear, to understand what one is feeling physically /mentally, and to add some autonomy into what we will be doing. It is also my job to help the player reach an understanding about who they are physically and mentally. After we establish that, I will make sure to design the program accordingly. Just like the journey of life, my workouts and sessions are not easy. There will be ups and downs but there will be a tremendous opportunity to learn to become a better player and person. I am looking forward to working with you in the future and I am extremely excited to be partnered with Advocates 4 Athletes.

For more information on training, philosophies, or about myself please visit my website treperformance.leagueapps.com. For Videos and content Please VISIT and FOLLOW my Instagram page @t.r.e.performance. for any other questions you can email me at Tremauldin@gmail.com or call at 661-4780715. I look forward to meeting you all soon!

Tutors & Test Prep Partners

Mr. Test Prep

Michael Romano is... “Mr. Test Prep”: Elevating more thanjust a test score.If one thing is true for every student who comes through mydoor, it's that there is never enough time. With classes, teams, rehearsals,internships and after school jobs, no high school student is eager to take onone more painful and tedious responsibility. And the same goes for parents.

With the unending list of sign up dates, no parent wants onemore occasion for argument, one more difficult decision. Unfortunately, thetruth of the modern day college application process is that preparation iseverything. That's why after 14 years in the business I have come to realizethat I have two main jobs:

First and most importantly, I must build my studentsconfidence and improve their test taking skills. Second, I must take the burdenof motivation and planning off parents. Call or e-mail and find outmore!!!!

Michael Romano
Phone: (650) 575-5867


Looking for a 1-on-1 tutoring program that really makes a difference? We are the Bay Area’s SAT and ACT leader. Our private and small group SAT, ACT, PSAT, and SAT subject test tutoring is efficient, effective, and customized for each student. Because our tutors are experts on all sections of the test, you’ll work with just one professional tutor to prepare. Our proprietary test prep curriculum is based on official, released tests, so you will work through questions that closely model the real test. You will take several full-length, timed practice tests to build confidence for test day. Practice test results help your tutor customize the prep. We give students a systematic strategy for each type of question that is designed to maximize what students can get right with what they know.

Our academic tutoring programs are designed to fit your needs. Whether you’re struggling to pass a tough class, getting an A and wanting to dive deeper, or somewhere in between, we are here to help. We aim to inspire you and build confidence and study skills, improving grades along the way. We will connect you with a professional, experienced academic tutor for one-on-one, consistent support. Success in an academic course is more than just knowing the material. Our academic tutors help students learn basic principles of organization, time management, and study skills. Whether with binder organization or technology-driven tools like Google Calendar, we’ll help your student get on track!

We meet students in one of our 16 conveniently located offices throughout the bay area, as well as in students' home, so give us a call. We'd love to find out more about your student and see how we can be of support!

Phone : (650) 331-3251 ajtutoring.com

Consulting Partners

Westface College Planning

At Westface College Planning we work with families to help them plan for and navigate the "paying for college" process. We teach parents ways to pay less, tap into financial aid and prioritize their source of college funds.

Beatrice Schultz, CFP®, BSc, MSM, is a College Funding Specialist and the founder of Westface College Planning. Beatrice works with parents of college bound students every day and hosts workshops and webinars to educate parents on how to be highly efficient with their money while they enter into the most expensive time period of their lives, sending a child to college.

Sign up for a workshop or webinar and/or call to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Get the facts. Educate yourself to potentially save tens of thousands of dollars on a single college education. Parents of more than one child heading to college in the next few years, can save even more. You will learn how to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses, maximize financial aid eligibility, understand the best way to navigate through the process and protect your life savings!

Contact Info:
Beatrice Schultz, CFP®

Susan Zaro Sports Health Counseling

Sport Counseling Works If...

  • You are looking for a competitive edge.

  • You are concerned with your child’s experience.

  • You are looking for a way to get more out of your exercise experience.

  • You or the athletes you coach:

             - lose focus during competition.
             - lack confidence during games.
             - choke during important competitive events.

The most common reasons for participating in Sport Psychology Services is to:

  • Improve performance.

  • To develop strategies to embrace the pressures and challenges of competition.

  • Work with parents to help their child develop confidence and have a satisfying sport experience.

  • To provide psychological assistance with injury rehabilitation.

Peak Performance programs and training prepare you to share the success enjoyed by a wide variety of athletes at every level, from professional to recreational. Learn about the athlete you are and the athlete you can become.

Get started today by contacting us for a free consultation.

Phone: (650) 948-9224


Athletes striving to play in college must have mental toughness. Physical, technical and tactical training will only take you so far. Strong consistent performance is dependent on having good mental days. The mental game can be learned just like other skills to help you make a smooth transition from youth to college ranks. My mental training program is designed to give athletes the tools they need create sustainable confidence and learn how to unlock consistent performance under pressure.

I’ve worked in the field of Applied Sport Psychology since earning my masters degree in 1998, giving thousands of athletes stronger control over their thoughts and emotions related to their sport performance. My goal is to keep mental training simple and practical, helping athletes to put new skills to use on the field as quickly as possible.


My specialization is with elite youth, collegiate and professional athletes. Over the years, I’ve consulted with collegiate teams, youth sport clubs, coaches and parents who are seeking to incorporate mental skills into their training. I specialize in working with elite female soccer players, but I’ve worked in every mainstream sport, and some not-so-mainstream sports including baseball, softball, basketball, hockey, football (youth and NFL combine athletes), track and field, swimming, gymnastics, acrobatics, golf, equestrian sports (show jumping, dressage, barrel racing), taekwondo, rugby, fitness competition, and endurance sports. I also work extensively with athletes who have been diagnosed with Vocal Cord Dysfunction, helping them to manage stress factors that trigger VCD episodes.

Organizational Partners

The Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative (BAWSI)

BAWSI’s goal is to galvanize thewomen’s sports community to serve as strong, confident, athletic role models inthe lives of girls, women, and children with disabilities in underserved communities.

The Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative (BAWSI) is a public benefit, nonprofit corporation with a mission to create programs and partnerships through which women athletes bring health, hope and wholeness to our community. Founded in 2005 by Olympic and World Cup soccer stars Brandi Chastain and Julie Foudy and Marlene Bjornsrud, former general manager of the San Jose CyberRays women's professional soccer team, BAWSI provides a meaningful path for women athletes to become a more visible and valued part of the Bay Area sports culture.