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Steve Britschgi

President and Founder

My whole life, I have loved sports. I have been a passionate player, fan, supporter and coach. But my wife and I really had no idea what to do when our son started going through the recruiting process in his junior year of high school. We interviewed the only company that we had heard of and right away found that they were more interested in payment than our son’s future. So we decided to try and do the work ourselves. It was a stressful, almost daunting task, and after more than 100 hours and numerous mistakes we finally said, “There has to be someone out there who can help families – someone who could be an Advocate on their behalf.”

And that is when the idea hit me. What was missing from high school college recruiting was an Advocate. Someone who could take the work and stress away from the parent, someone who really cares about the athlete’s future who could coach and guide them all the way through the recruiting process from start to finish. After a 25-year career in the athletic club business and 17 years of coaching, it was a natural move for me. I spent the next six months, speaking to parents, coaches, and athletic directors to educate myself on what coaches were looking for, and what recruiting information was available to students and parents. I found that there was very little information out there.

Advocates for Athletes (A4A) was started in 2010 to help high school student-athletes realize their dream. Our program is a hands-on, personalized approach where we guide each athlete every step of the way until they reach their goal. After 13 years we now have a team that helps athletes around the country. Under our guidance, we have guided or are guiding over 700 athletes from 3 countries and 17 states into over 400 different schools. We are extremely passionate about what we do, with our number one goal to find each one of our athletes their very best college fit - athletically, academically, and socially. Our 91.5% graduation rate from our athlete's original college choice is proof of that.

Fun Fact: My son, Spencer, who was the recruited athlete previously mentioned (and only 16 at the time) suggested we use wings in our logo because they symbolize flight. We help student-athletes soar! Spencer is now the Vice President of A4A.

Steve Britschgi
Advocates for Athletes, Inc.
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